DIY party favors

Easy DIY party favors for bridal showers, baby showers or women’s birthday parties

Here’s a really easy idea for a “girly” party favor.  You can use this idea for bridal or baby showers or for birthday parties/brunches.

What You Need:

  • Hand pump soap
  • Fragrant bar of soap (boxed)
  • Large Gauze bag (recommend slightly shorter than the pump soap — see photo)
  • Ribbon
  • Contrasting colored confetti or straw
  • Contrasting artificial flower (save on expense: buy a large bouquet of all the same flowers and pull off individual flowers rather than buying one single flower)

Pick out your hand soap and boxed soap first so you know how large your gauze bag needs to be (take them to the craft store to ensure a good fit).  Use a see through white gauze bag to let the colorful soaps show through.  You can find nice bouquets of flowers, hand pump soaps and individually boxed bars of soap at discount stores like your local dollar store or even at some craft stores for approx. one dollar each.  I like to pick either an ocean or floral scents such as lavender, rose, honeysuckle or lily of the valley.  Yardley makes a wonderful lavender soap (boxed) that you can find for approx. a dollar each.

Cost Saving Tip:  Check stores to buy bulk for gauze bags and soaps.  I was able to find a 6-pack of boxed Yardley’s English Lavender at local discount store.

Easy Steps:

  • Fill the bottom of the gauze bag with pump soap FIRST.  Then add approx. 1″ of colorful confetti or basket straw to bottom of gauze bag where you will  add the bar of soap.  Place the bar of soap vertically on top of the confetti or straw (gives the bar soap “height”). 
  • Tuck in a single colorful artificial flower by pushing the stem through the top of the gauze bag between the two soaps to hide the stem (trim stem if it’s too long).
  • Most gauze bags come with a drawstring – you can tighten the bag with the drawstring, then add a slighter larger ribbon over it and tie in a tiny bow).  I used a gauze bag slightly shorter than the pump soap and left the very top of the pump soap showing and it made the bag cleaner looking and easier to tie.  

This simple party favor is pretty and practical – who doesn’t need soap for their own use or for the guest bathroom?  Add 2 different scents to each gauze bag.  Reason:  if someone doesn’t like one of the scents, they might like the other one.  If it’s for a bridal shower or birthday, consider adding the honoree’s favorite scents.

Depending on where you shop, you should be able to make these for approx. $3 to $3.50 each.