eye makeup

Eye Style – people can see it in your eyes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and to your world. They tell your story, they convey emotion and are one of the first things people will notice about you.  That’s why I’ve always felt when it comes to makeup, you can skip the foundation or lip gloss, but never skip on the eye makeup.

With all the makeup out there today, it’s easier than ever to do a quick eye makeup job before dashing off to take care of business.  As with all of us, our skin and makeup needs change with time.  I’ve found some very easy and even inexpensive eye makeup that I always keep on hand.

I like a thin line on my upper eyelids.  I was not happy with the liquid eyeliners out there – way too thick and phony looking.  Then ©Clinque Laboratories came along with a water-resistant eyeliner in cake form with a very thin brush (in a silver compact).  You simply moisten the brush with water and you can achieve a very thin (or thick) line to your liking.  At 65, I like more of a natural look.  I don’t want to look like one of those women trying way too hard to look 20 years younger and wind up looking very harsh due to heavy makeup.  I go for the #11 natural black (also available in brown).  Approx. $18, but will last you a very long time.

Clinque’s lash doubling mascara has a great brush. If your eyelashes have thinned or you hate clumping, this one is a winner.  It’s long wearing and won’t give you black circles under your eyes at the end of the day.  Runs around $18 – one tube will last for months.

I STILL love my crayons, but not for coloring – now drugstore crayon’s make eye makeup a snap:

For a brow filler or touch up, Revlon’s Brow Fantasy ™ is as easy as it gets.  One end is a crayon and the other end has a brush to shape and set brows (if you need it).  Choose the color that best matches your brows.  A 10 second swipe of the crayon and you are good to go!  Approx. $8.

Give your eyes some extra depth by smudging a little crayon eyeliner on the lower lid. Nothing is easier (and cheaper) than Wet and Wild’s® Kohl Crayon.  A crayon/pencil with a sharp point that will let you smudge under your lower eyelid line in seconds.  Depending on my mood or what I’m wearing, I’ll go with a chocolate brown or black noir.  Once it’s smudged it will last all day.  You can usually pick these up at local drugstore for around $1.60 (what a bargain)!

So make Phil Collins proud – after all, he did a fine job in 1996 with It’s In Your Eyes.  Invest a little money in these fast and easy standby basics to add a touch of beauty and enhance your eyes. As they say:  The eyes have itand you still got it!  Now go girl – boogie on down to your local drugstore or cosmetic center.