Hummus and Homicide

Hummus and Homicide – a Kebab Kitchen Mystery by Tina Kashian

One of my favorite lunches during the hot summer months is a cold tray of assorted olives and pickled vegetables, stuffed grape leaves, humus, and eggplant dip with fresh pita bread.  It’s quick, healthy and easy after spending the morning toiling in the garden or running errands.  No cooking involved, no hot stove to turn on.

So it seemed appropriate to spend a lazy day on the screened in porch with Hummus and Homicide, the first in a delightful new mystery series by Tina Kashian.

Lucy Berberian gets overlooked for a well-deserved promotion.  She up and quits her Philly law firm and heads back home to Ocean Crest, New Jersey to lick her wounds and take some time off to decide how to proceed with the rest of her life.

Her old-world parents, Angela and Raffi, own the local Kebab Kitchen.   In addition to all the usual Mediterranean favorites (all made with love to pure perfection by her parents and staff), they also have a kick-ass hummus bar with so many choices it will have you searching for your nearest Mediterranean eatery.

Lucy winds up staying with her best gal pal Katie and Katie’s cop hubby, Bill.  It’s a nice break for her from the stress of the law office and even nicer that she can catch up with her aging parents, friends and family members.

Seems like a real “breather” for Lucy.  That is UNTIL she finds out Heather Banks, an arch nemesis going back to high school days, is still living in town.  In no time at all, not only has Heather latched onto a famous author visiting Ocean Crest, but she’s managed to wreak havoc on Lucy’s family and the Kebab Kitchen!  Turns out Heather is now a food inspector with more unscrupulous tactics than J.R. in his Dallas days – and you know what happens to J.R.! 

With practically everyone in her family (including herself), being suspected of murder, Lucy has no choice but to jump in and do some secret sleuthing on her own.  Her ex-love interest, Azad, is still residing in town.  Lucy can’t help but notice he has his eye on her family’s business and “her.”  Through her own detective work, she also strikes up quite the friendship with Michael, the local mobster’s son.  Suddenly she’s got two men vying for her attention – whatever is a woman to do?

I love the continuing romance and the quaint beach town setting. The well-fleshed out characters and solid plot, make Hummus and Homicide a great cozy mystery to kick off Memorial Day and your summer mystery reading.  You’ll be begging for more more of the series and more hummus, tabbouleh salad and other delicacies (all described in great detail)!  IT’S ALL GOOD – LITERALLY!

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