tagged for death

Tagged For Death – a Sarah Winston garage sale mystery by Sherry Harris

Never having read Sherry Harris before, I decided to start with the first in her Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mysteries, Tagged for Death.  I was NOT disappointed.  From the very first page, I knew this was going to be a really good read.

Thirty eight year-old Sarah Winston finds herself single again in the town of Ellington, Massachusetts.  It seems her hubby CJ took off with a 19 year-old hussy named Tiffany.  But Sarah moves on with her life and finds her thrills (and deals) by perusing the local garage and tag sales.  At one local yard sale, she brings home her box of treasures, only to discover a bloodied shirt.  As if that isn’t enough to freak anybody out, she’s even more horrified when she realizes it belongs to her ex, CJ.  Uh oh — CJ’s new honey, Tiffany, seems to have gone missing just a few days ago.  Now that’s a problem!

CJ may be a lot of things, including Ellington’s chief of police – but he’s certainly no murderer.  As the days go by and there’s no sign of Tiffany, things just aren’t looking good for CJ.  CJ’s staff is loyally behind him.  Just like Sarah, they can’t believe their chief would be capable of anything nefarious – especially murder.  And even though Sarah is still hurt and steaming from CJ’s affair with Tiffany, something inside her can’t let this go.

As she does her own private sleuthing on the down-low, she discovers that their so-called friends are harboring secrets.  As country singer Charlie Rich would say:  “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors” – and that’s sure the truth in this quaint little town.  There’s no shortage of suspects or murder, but the evidence keeps building up against CJ.

I loved the trivia Sherry included in her book, i.e., Massachusetts is renowned for the Revolutionary War, Plymouth Rock AND (LOL) marshmallow fluff!  Yes, apparently the official state sandwich of Massachusetts is a Fluffernutter!  And by George, didn’t I go out the next day and pick up some fluff to go with my peanut butter!  And YES, it tasted just as good as when I was a kid!

But enough of the foodie comments!  Tagged for Death is a solid mystery.  With every chapter it just kept getting better and better! If you enjoy a good mystery, a good bargain and a great flea market find, you’ll really enjoy this cozy mystery.  And hey, maybe you need a Fluffernutter sandwich to go along with it!

Fluffernutter smoothie:

My own concoction, play with the ingredients as you see fit – i.e., more fluff, less peanut butter, more or less ice-cream, etc.

1/3 cup of milk

1 heaping tablespsoon of fluff

1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter

2 heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt

3 heaping tablespoons of chocolate or vanilla ice-cream

Toss in your blender and there you have it!

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