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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day (and other occasions)

Looking for ideas for that special “mom”?   This cute little guy was easy as pie.  I found this oversized mug on sale at a local store, then added an herb plant from my local garden center.  Colorful flowers also look terrific in oversized mugs.  If your mom cooks with fresh herbs, add one her favorite herb plants instead of a flowering plant.  This foxy critter holds oregano, the perfect herb to add to pasta dishes (consider making one for yourself to keep on your kitchen window sill).

When it comes to Mom, think outside the box.  Here’s some ideas to get some one-on-one time with her – make some memories that you will both cherish forever.

If mom enjoys nature or gardening:

-Take her out on a local garden tour.  You might also drive or do a bus trip to your local botanical gardens or nature preserve.

-Does she have a favorite park?  Pack a special picnic lunch of tea sandwiches, home-made lemonade or mimosas and a bevy of mini desserts.  Spread out a colorful tablecloth with bright picnic utensils and enjoy the day.

-No park, no problem!  Do you have a porch, balcony or patio?  Jazz it up by decorating it with an assortment of colorful potted flowers and plants – all for mom to take home with her after you serve her a light lunch, dinner or festive dessert tray.

-Toss mom in the car and start the day off with a good cup of coffee, tea or lemonade.  Proceed to the nearest garden center and let her pick out her favorite plants or flowers – all paid for by you, of course!  Or if she enjoys farmer’s markets, let her pick out her favorite goods at the farmer’s market.  If it’s a hot day, don’t forget to also treat her to the local ice-cream shop!

Consider other outings/trips:

-Our mom always liked to look well-dressed.  We often took her to her local clothing store and let her pick out an outfit (or two) that she could wear to church or card parties.

-If you don’t see your mom much, consider taking a trip to visit her and spending a night or two playing catchup.  Or book a bed and breakfast type place for the two of you to spend some quality time together.  Let her know how much you love her and miss her.

-Spend some time with her at a play or concert, begin with a coffee shop visit or light dinner.

-Check to see if there is a place nearby that serves a ladies “tea luncheon.”  These are always fun for everyone.

-Pick out a nice Mother’s Day card an enclose a gift card to the local coffee shop and another for her favorite store so she can enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee or tea before going on a shopping spree.

I love TV trays.  Seems like an odd gift, but they are practical, beautiful and oh — sooooo versatile!    Great for watching TV while eating dinner, snacking or having coffee.  They can also hold a laptop or tablet.  When guests arrive and I need extra table space, I simply set up a few of my TV tables to hold appetizers and desserts.  They look great and come in  handy on porches, balconies or patios.  AND, THEY EASILY FOLD AWAY WHEN NOT IN USE!

Want Mom to be calm?  Consider a gift of lavender.  Lavender has a very calming effect (see the post under nature:  Lovely lavender).  Buy mom a lavender gift basket or make up your own lavender basket with a lavender tea cup, soaps, lotions, sachets and other items.

If Mom loves her tea or java — give her a gourmet tea or coffee basket or make up your own.

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