GROWING FRESH HERBS (it’s easier than you think!)

Over the years I’ve collected many books on herbs, but these are my two favorites. They are my “go to” books when it comes to herbs — whether growing them for cooking, cut flowers or attracting butterflies and other beneficial insects. These books make it easy and they inspired me to go out of my way to discover herbs I’ve never grown before. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned herb gardener, if you’re into herbs, these books got you covered. They are both still available through the Amazon or other booksellers.

Right now is the PERFECT time to start reading up on herbs and planning an herb garden. Herbs can also be easily grown in containers as well as planted directly into the ground. Most (but not all), need a sunny spot. Plan ahead so when your local garden shops and farmers markets open, you’ll know in advance which herbs you want to purchase. If growing from seed, you can even start them indoors until spring arrives and frost warnings are over.

The Herb Bible, a complete guide to growing and using herbs by Jennie Harding: If you want to stick with just one really good book on herbs, this is it! This 256 page small coffee table book is THE book to have if you are planning or maintaining an herb garden. Chocked full of tips for growing herbs, herbs for health, a glossary and directory of 70 herbs, preserving herbs (drying, freezing, etc.), delicious recipes using herbs for teas, lavender biscuits, soups, dips, etc. It also includes ideas for planting herbs in containers or gardens, companion plants and garden layouts. The full color photos are detailed and beautiful.


Beautiful Easy Herbs, how to get the most from herbs in your garden and in your home by Laurence Sombke: This 278 page book measures 7 ½” x 8 ½” and features color as well as black and white photos of plants, gardens, projects, etc. It includes herb garden basics, crafts, information of various herbs, plus how to harvest and preserve them. You’ll also find a section on cooking with herbs including recipes and a section on ten great herb garden designs. It’s easy to read, a good “how to” book and a great reference book.