killing cupid

Killing Cupid, a Jaine Austen mystery by Laura Levine

I was looking through my ridiculously huge backlog of mysteries to read and review, searching for one that would be fun for Valentine’s Day.  I found it:  Killing Cupid by Laura Levine.

It was such a wacky and zany Valentine’s treat, that I polished the book off in two sittings.  It was also hard to put down as laugh after laugh kept coming with struggling freelance writer, Jaine Austen, and her furry, spoiled rotten cat, Prozac.  This time Jaine gets dragged into Dates of Joy matchmaking service and all its kooky clients and staff.

Jaine’s hired to write bogus biographies to go along with the bogus pictures of fake members (professional paid models) for Joy’s matchmaking website.  As if that isn’t bad enough, Joy coerces Jaine (translated:  bribes her with money) into going out with an eccentric suitor (translated: date from hell).  Yeah, Joy is one unscrupulous dame who’ll scam anyone to collect a high-priced matchmaking fee.

Dates of Joy is nothing more than a shell game for naïve clients.  With unkept promises of love, blackmail, unjustified fits of rage and general bad behavior — Joy is enough to make me wonder if Bon Jovi wrote You Give Love a Bad Name after her!  Sitting like the Queen of Hearts in her office, she arms herself with a steady sugar rush flow of Godiva chocolates that will ultimately lead to her downfall – downfall as in dead.

Suddenly everyone involved with Dates of Joy becomes a prime suspect, including Jaine.  She wastes no time going into action to clear her name – but it’s not so easy with so many people that Joy had burned in the past.  While trying to keep her creepy suitor, Skippy, at bay (seems he has a “thing” for her cat Prozac), she plays amateur sleuth to find the real killer.

Her staff despised her.  Was it one of them who put the proverbial nail in the matchmaker’s coffin?  Or was it Joy’s boy toy, Tonio?   Maybe the handsome, successful artist (a member of the dating service for 5 years)?  Or how about the Beverly Hills widow or lonely guy whose lifesavings’ Joy pilfered, giving them nothing but scathing insults and a kick out the door in return?

It’s a shame Jaine has to catch the killer — Joy was so rotten that it almost seemed like “justifiable” homicide!  Killing Cupid will have you laughing page after page as you try to figure out which Knave killed off the cold and callous Queen of Hearts.  For a fun read, pick up any of Laura Levine’s hilarious Jaine Austen mysteries, curl up with a box of chocolates and be prepared to LOL!

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