Put God in Your Front Seat

I’m grabbing my parka, hat and gloves and donning a pair of knee high rubber boots – and yes, I am still wearing my festive plush pajamas with the totally tacky penguin design in bright red.  My coffee will be in hand as I head out to my quiet backyard and plop down on my garden bench to thank God for letting me share with Him the beginning of a brand new day.

I just want to let Him know how thankful I am for all his blessings and for today. I am alive and well – this in itself, is a monumental blessing.

And yes, there have been some hard times, illnesses, passing of loved ones and other challenges last year that have carried over into 2018, but I will draw on His strength and love to see things through, not just for me, but for friends, family and others who are struggling.

This is just a reminder to everyone on the importance of being thankful each and every day, through good times and bad.  With the recent holidays God became the focus – we thanked Him at Thanksgiving for everything we have.  We celebrated the birth of His son, Jesus Christ at Christmas – but then, he started to take a back seat.  And for those who have carelessly tossed him in the trunk, I pray for their eyes to open.

Put God in your front seat and let Him be the driver.  Every new day is a gift from God and something to be thankful for (and if you put God in your trunk, for crying out loud, get him outta there!).