Create festive gift tags from your holiday and birthday cards

Show off your creative style and recycle old holiday and birthday cards by creating easy and festive gift tags for all your packages and gift bags. Why spend money on cheesy or average looking gift tags when you can add your personal touch to your own tags for next to nothing.

What you need:
Ruler, hole punch (or ice pick), ribbon or string, leftover holiday cards.

Look at your holiday cards for images hidden within each card that would work as a gift tag. Check the backside to be sure there is no writing on the back of the image you intend to use (sometimes people write personal notes).

-Crop off the image with your ruler
-Cut out the image.  Squares or rectangles are the easiest, but you can also cut out silhouettes of trees, birds, etc.
-Punch a hole in one of the corners
-Affix ribbon or string

Use your own imagination. I started making these tags around ten years ago right after Christmas. It seemed a shame to throw away cards that were cute or beautiful, and I wanted to do something useful with them.  Now you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing away your cards!