birth of Christ

Let us Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is here. A perfect time to celebrate with friends and family. Hope you are cool, calm and collected and taking the time to actually enjoy the holidays rather than stressing out trying to make everything “perfect.” This is not a perfect world, so don’t forego the joy you’re missing out on by spreading yourself too thin. If the cookies don’t get baked – so what! You can always bake them for New Year’s Day – everyone is probably on a sugar rush from all the Christmas pies and desserts anyway!

God won’t care if the decorations aren’t all up. He won’t care if you buy your appetizers and desserts from the local store. He won’t care that you bought a pre-made turkey or ham! There’s no religious law (or non-religious law) that says you have to make everything from scratch – cheating is fully acceptable. All God cares about is that you celebrate the reason for the Season, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

So make your own shortcuts, and if things get to be too much – put on the brakes. If some things just don’t get done, it’s ok. Accept the season for the glorious time that it was meant to be.

Check back after Christmas for more book reviews, health tidbits, music lists, CD reviews and more. Don’t forget to visit the current blog pages for ways to use up leftover holiday candy and leftover food. Also be sure to hang on to your holiday cards – next week I’ll give you some super easy ideas on how to recycle them.

Most of all, may your Christmas be filled with peace, joy and love. May you and your family be blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit. MERRY CHRISTMAS!