A killer's Christmas in Wales

A Killer Christmas in Wales – a Penny Brannigan mystery by Elizabeth J. Duncan

Get yourself nestled in when you read this delightful and seamless tale of the holidays gone wrong in the small Welsh valley town of Llanelen.

It’s a bitter cold and snowy winter and Penny Brannigan and her business partner, Victoria Hopkins, are at wits end getting ready for Christmas and the grand opening of their new upscale spa.  There’s just so much to do and time is short.  As if that isn’t stressful enough, thievery and murder come to this quaint village, and Penny gets sucked into a plot more tangled than those pesky strings of Christmas tree lights.

Newcomer “smooth as silk” Harry Saunders settles into the town, charming the local ladies and leaving a trail of disappointed (rich) women behind him.  He’s got his eyes set on the local widow, Mrs. Lloyd (and her bank account).  My grandmother would have called him a real “shyster,” especially after he manages to wrangle a lump sum of the widow’s money to “invest”.   As one can imagine, quicker than Houdini, Harry vanishes into thin air.

I don’t want to give too much away on this book, but I was thrilled that a corpse had already been found on Page 2.  That got me excited  — or maybe I’m just twisted!  Either way, after reading this cozy mystery, I am a total Elizabeth J. Duncan fan and can’t wait to read some of her other mysteries.

If you enjoy a well thought out plot, believable characters and the charm of a lovely English village, don’t let this book slip through your fingers.

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