booklovers gift ideas

Gift Ideas for Booklovers

For those friends (or yourself, of course) who love to read, here’s some easy ideas that you won’t mind delivering in person!  Also visit the “book category” on this blog for general and mystery book reviews that may come in handy.

Simple gift:  tie up a new book with ribbon and festive bookmarkers.

Book Gift Bag or Book Tote Bag:  fill with a book(s), bookmarkers.  Add hot coco, tea or coffee if you know what they enjoy while they read.  Cookies, scones or mini pastries are a nice addition IF you are giving them the gift soon.  If they are cozy mysteries fans, load up the bag with assorted paperback mysteries of a variety of authors.  For summertime, add their favorite lemonade drink mixes or even a bottle of sangria to the tote bag instead of hot coco.

For high tech folks:  Kindle reader or other tablet.  If they already have a tablet, give them a gift card so they can purchase more books.

Gift card:  for a bookstore (online or real) or Amazon (books are unlimited, so are Kindle choices).

Pal’s Day Out:  if you have a local bookstore, give them a home-made pass or note for coffee or lunch on you, then together visit the book store.  Consider adding a gift card for that store.