Gift Ideas for a Healthier New Year

Whether you or someone you know wants to take better care of themselves and get healthier this year, here’s some ideas for your holiday list:

Pedometer:  Very basic, easy tracking device.  Especially good for someone getting started in routine walking or for seniors.  It easily clips on to clothes and shows your steps, distance and calorie burn.  Depending on the model you choose, some have even more features.

Fitbits:   I started a few years ago with a pedometer, but for my birthday, decided to upgrade and get more techy.  The Fibit was perfect.  It comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and features.  I opted for a middle of the road Fitbit Alta.  I only take it off when I shower or swim.  When you get your Fibit tracker, you set up an account directly with Fibit and then automatically, once a week, Fitbit will send you a report via email as to how many miles your walked, calories burned, even the number of hours you sleep, etc.

Both these devices are very motivational — challenging you to do better each week and EASY to operate (see bottom of page).  I’m all about easy and simple!

Low Fat Cookbook:  For those who enjoy cooking and want to get healthier, pick up a low fat, easy recipe cookbook.  You can even add a crockpot with a recipe book for healthy crockpot cooking.

Gift Card:  A gift card to your local sporting goods store that carries apparel (got to look good when working out or passing out) and also gear for those who like to hike, bike, etc.

National Park Passes:  Perfect for friends or family that like to hike or bike at national parks that charge a entrance fee.

Swiss Army Knife:  For those just starting out or doing casual hiking, a Swiss Army Knife can really come in handy.  You can even do a “hikers” stocking or gift bag and include items such as:  Swiss Army Knife, bug repellant, collapsible cup, insulated thermal blanket, long sleeve t-shirt, handheld compass (some places do not get cell phone reception), tick removal kit, power/energy bars and trail mix.

Energy Bar/Trek Mix Stocking:  For your health conscious friends who love their energy bars, fill a stocking with a variety of their favorites, plus some new ones to try.  Add some assorted trail mixes.  You can also add a gift card if they have a favorite health food store.