Gift ideas for gardeners, bird lovers, nature lovers or yourself

What’s your gift-giving style — holiday gift cards, personalized baubles, homemade crafts or something in between? Watch this category for more holiday gift giving ideas.

Here’s my favorite find for nature and bird lovers – a bird feeder shaped like a coffee pot (all metal). As somewhat of a coffee snob, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this – now the birds could have a coffee pot too! It measures approx. 9 ½” high and the lid pulls off to add the seed. Birds will cling to this, but you can easily push a skewer, chopstick or twig through the mesh if you want them to also have a perch.

More Gift Ideas for Gardeners, Nature and Birdlovers:

– pocket guide or book on birds in their area.
– Create a basket filled with suet, suet feeder, pocket guide on birds. Tie it up with a bow and attach an ornament such as a cardinal.
– birdhouse
– bird feeders
– gift card to local wild bird store
– Amaryllis Plant or Kit
– Living Rosemary bush (tree shaped for the holidays, sold in stores usually around 12” to 18” tall and in a festive container). You can also buy mini Christmas balls or bells and add your own personal touch to give it some bling! BONUS: Rosemary is a perennial, so once the holidays are over they can be planted outside to enjoy year after year.
– Create a gift basket filled with floral or fruit scented soaps, gardener’s hand cream, lavender bubble bath, sachets
– Butterfly House
– Bat House (be sure they like and support bat conservation—don’t freak them out for Christmas!)