A Thanksgiving Letter to God

Below is my Thanksgiving letter to God. What would you write? What blessings are you thankful for? Take a few minutes at this blessed time of year and write your own personal Thanksgiving letter to God.

Dear God,

Look what you’ve done!

You’ve given us a brand new day to wake up to –

With the dawning of this new day, you’ve given us limitless opportunities to make new friends, make a positive difference in the world, enjoy new adventures and take on new challenges and goals.
We know not every day will be easy – but whatever this new day holds, we go forward knowing you are by our side and are grateful to have another day, another chance at life.

We are blessed with your beautiful gifts of nature – from land to sea to forests and fields of green to wildlife and the birds that soar through your beautiful skies.

Please let those who have gone before us know that they are still in our thoughts and prayers, for one day we will all be reunited.

Please bless and give comfort to the troubled, sick and the lonely and to those souls both young and old who are lost with nowhere to turn. Send out your legion of guardian angels to those who are facing difficult times. Protect our family, our friends and our beloved pets for they make this world a better place.

We pray for world peace, and when this blessed new day draws to a close, we thank you for all our blessings past, present and future – for there are many.

Yes God, we’ve looked at what you’ve done and we thank you for giving us another glorious day!

Ann I. Wonder