Easy Ways to Use Up Holiday Leftovers

The holidays come, the holidays go – but more than likely some of the leftovers will stay! This can be a very good thing! Who doesn’t want to heat up delicious leftovers and forego cooking for a while … after all, you deserve a break!

Leftover Turkey or Ham: Pick up a tube of crescent rolls. Follow directions on the tube, spread a mayo/mustard mix over the rolled out triangles, then add a few small pieces of leftover ham or turkey and cheddar cheese. Bake per the instructions. Makes a nice lunch treat or snack.

Leftover Green Bean Casserole: Sounds weird, but it’s great for breakfast! Line a small skillet with a thin layer of leftover green bean casserole. If you have leftover crispy onions rings, sprinkle a few over the casserole. Add 2 or 3 eggs. Place a tight lid on skillet and cook eggs until done to your liking – breakfast is served.

Green Bean Casserole Tip: Substitute a can of cream of potato soup instead of mushroom soup. I like it better than cream of mushroom soup.

Leftover Whole Cranberry Sauce: Fresh will taste better than canned, but either will work in the recipes below.

Cranberry Walnut Dip: Mix one third to one half whole cranberry sauce with goat cheese or cream cheese (to your liking), add walnuts (to your liking). Makes a great spread on biscuits, crackers or toast. If you want it sweeter, add honey. You can also add some pieces or mandarin or clementine oranges.

Cranberry Smoothie: This a basic recipe, but tailor the ingredients to your own personal taste – i.e., more ice-cream, less milk, more cranberry sauce etc. In a blender add 2/3 cup of vanilla frozen yogurt or ice-cream, half a cup of milk and 4 to 6 tablespoons of whole cranberry sauce. Blend/Enjoy.
Cranberry Ice-Cream Topping: Top a scoop of French vanilla ice-cream with whole cranberry sauce. Good as is, or add walnut pieces for an added zing (and health benefit).

Eggnog Pancakes: Make your regular pancake recipe, but instead of milk substitute dairy eggnog.

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