Eggnog Murder: 3 cozy mysteries by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis and Barbara Ross

There’s nothing better on those chilly winter nights here in the East than a warm cup of eggnog and a cozy murder mystery. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across this mystery compilation featuring 3 top authors and their tales of eggnog gone bad and I mean really bad!

They’ve each added their personal touch to madcap holiday mayhem each set in their respective small towns:

If you’ve been following Leslie Meier’s Lucy Stone’s mysteries, you know the series started out when Lucy and Bill were young parents moving away from the hustle and bustle of NYC to establish themselves in small town Tinkercove, Maine to raise their family. Lucy became a local reporter in her sleepy little town, while Bill gave up his Wall Street job to become a restoration carpenter. Lucy is trying to balance her demanding job, squabbling children, a busy husband and tight finances. It’s a character a lot of women can relate to. In Eggnog Murder, you’ll settle right in with Lucy’s family who are dealing with more than the usual holiday stress. All isn’t well at the newspaper’s holiday open house when a tainted bottle of eggnog leaves a local dead on the floor. There would be no Christmas spirit in Lucy’s home or work place until the killer is caught and brought to justice — and with her reporter instincts she sets out to solve the Christmas crime.

Lee Hollis brings us Death by Eggnog, A Haley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery. Agatha Farnsworth was the local librarian since the 60’s. This story focuses on her — an ill-tempered nasty old woman who could give Scrooge a run for his money! With Bar Harbor’s annual Restaurant Association Dinner shaping up to be resounding success, locals couldn’t wait to sample the various restaurants’ food and drinks. And of course, no holiday would be complete without eggnog! Let’s just say things don’t go quite as planned and an accidental death may actually be a holiday homicide. Haley is determined to get to the bottom of it and someone is definitely spending Christmas in jail!

The last tale, Nogged Off by Barbara Ross, is an installment of her Maine Clambake Mystery series. You’ll find amateur sleuth, Julia, checking on her apartment that she sublet to a shy and demure Imogen Geinkes. Imogen is one of those poor lost souls who just can’t catch a break! Julia finds her sobbing in her apartment. Apparently Imogen brought her home-made eggnog to her office party and unknowingly, sent several of her co-workers and their guests to the emergency room with food poisoning from eggs gone bad. Then her boyfriend/love of her life ran out on her. With Christmas just a few days away, Imogen was down in the dumps and downright depressed. Julia had no choice but to take her home to her family where Imogene was invited to stay for Christmas. But poor Imogen seemed to be the jinx that stole Christmas and things went from sad to bad to dead! Leave it to Julia to try to unravel this twisted cozy mystery before Santa Claus comes to town!

On second thought maybe skip the eggnog and go with the hot apple cider with rum or hot coco until all the killers are caught!

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