Easy Decorating Tips for the Holidays – Bringing It In and Lighting It Up!

No matter what the holiday at hand or even for a casual summer party outside – mood lighting enhances everything. It makes the house cozier in winter and more festive in summer months.

The last few years I’ve been stringing white solar lights on a few trees in the front yard for Christmas. After the holidays, I left the strands of the solar lights on the trees and simply turned off the power switch so I could use them again next winter (and didn’t have to take them down). Summer came and I decided to have an evening summer party on my porch. I switched on my white solar lights from Christmas and created an instant summer party atmosphere.

If you get a decent amount of sun, give strands of solar lights a try. They go on automatically at night and many times they will hold a charge up until midnight – NO electrical outlet needed.

But don’t stop with the outside. Strands of mini electric lights or fairy lights that run on batteries can jazz up any centerpiece, mantle, favorite antique — or brighten the interior of a hutch or cabinet.

Incorporate them into greens (real or fake), wrap lights around twigs, slip a small strand into tabletop paper or wooden houses (surrounded by fake confetti snow). Place battery fairy lights into vintage glass cocktail shakers, lanterns, holiday glass or clear glass vases with festive greenery.

The photo shows a smattering of items found around my house and yard that helps me transform the holidays. I’m hoping these items will give you some ideas too!

Step outside and look at nature’s bounty for fast and easy holiday decorating. Seek out pinecones, fall leaves, dried seed heads, twigs, abandoned bird’s nests, berries, fresh greens such as ferns, holly or any other leafy greens with dark green foliage. But be sure if you have children or pets that you don’t bring home anything toxic. Hit your bounty with just a hint of glitter spray for a subtle dash of sparkle or more glitter for the extra bling effect. For a wintery effect, spray or coat them with fake snow.

Put nature’s bounty in bowls and glassware mixed with fruits, natural nuts or mix in acrylic candy canes, ribbon candy, mini snowmen, etc. Another option for your bowl of pinecones and/or greenery: cut up a few pieces of colorful garland and sprinkle them throughout your centerpiece for a touch of shine. Bury fairy lights throughout the centerpiece for an extra dash of brightness.

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve lined a bowls with gold garland, filled them with earthy items like pinecones and seedheads, and gave it an extra pop of color by adding small oranges (mandarins or clementines). Super simple.
For Christmas greenery and berries in a bowl, line with white or silver garland will give the edges of your centerpiece extra brightness. Fairy Lights optional.

Confetti fake snow is fabulous and easy. I sprinkle a little around most of my holiday settings (along with fairy lights) – i.e., around the Manger scene (also lit up with fairy lights), around vintage Christmas ornaments and toys arranged on shelves.

When it comes to nature’s bounty, below is a list of basic holiday craft items that make it a “snap” to decorate in no time at all:
– Spray glitter
– Fake confetti snow
– Garland in assorted colors
– Glue gun
– Spray snow
– Pipe cleaners in red, green, silver, gold, blue (to wrap around twigs or hold things in place)
– Fairy lights or mini lights

Keep decorating easy and simple. You probably have glassware, bowls or galvanized pots around the house that can easily be embellished for the holidays. Then see what God’s natural bounty offers right outside your door. Get your creative juices flowing and LIGHT UP THE HOLIDAYS!

Solar and Fairy Lights available at Amazon and other retail stores.