Bringing on the Holidays

The holidays are almost here! The madness has begun! Thanksgiving is creeping up on us faster than that pesky Blob that nearly took out Steve McQueen and his little town in Pennsylvania. And then as Gene Autry would say: Here Comes Santa Claus – right down Santa Claus Lane!

I’ll be doing a LOT of posting between now and the New Year, bringing you easy and simple holiday tips, recipes and tripling my usual book reviews. Reviews will include Christmas books and, of course, cozy Christmas mysteries. There will be so many book reviews, you’ll need more than the 12 days of Christmas to read them all!

Coming soon will be ideas on holiday gifts for gardeners, readers, nature lovers and general people (everyone NOT in those categories).

Any products that I review on this blog, are products that I have used and believe in. The same for books. Someone asked me if I actually read the books I reviewed. I said, most assuredly, “yes, cover to cover.” I only post reviews for the ones I feel are exceptional.

I also, unashamedly, support Amazon and their incredible line of products. It’s always good to be a bargain shopper and I’ve scored some of my best deals on Amazon. They literally carry everything: clothing, garden items, tech items, books, fitness equipment and everything in between. If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, check out the benefits of Amazon Prime and determine if it can save you money. I’ve been a Prime member for several years. Not only am I buying items at discounted prices, but the free and fast shipping is really unbeatable–and for the holidays they will ship items directly to your loved ones.

The blog’s goal is to help keep things easy and simple. I hope the ideas and tidbits of information, products, books, etc., that I share with you will brighten your day and lighten your holiday Things to Do list.

Don’t buy into the madness of doing too much or making things too complicated or too perfect. The only thing that accomplishes is diminishing the true holiday spirit and that’s not what the holidays are about!

Watch the blog for quick and easy last minute Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating ideas. And follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s have some fun and make the holidays easy, uncomplicated and stress free!