Going Bananas!

One of the healthiest and easiest foods to carry around is the banana. It comes in its own bright yellow carrying case, making it easy to transport just about anywhere! bananas can help boost your immune system, reducing your risk of disease.

They are also loaded with fiber to aid with digestive problems by helping to balance your stomach’s pH levels that can combat heartburn. It can enhance your stomach’s mucus layer which relieves pain and also helps food to move faster through the digestive tract. This helps prevent reflux. As if that isn’t enough, here’s a few more of the health benefits of bananas:

– Helps to maintain heart function and offset the effects of salt and sodium (that can raise your blood pressure).
– Enhances bone health.
– Reduces anxiety and stress.
– The electrolytes in bananas help to transmit electrical charges throughout the body from the brain and nervous system, keeping everything functioning faster.
– Contains antioxidants may reduce the risk of degenerative diseases and heart disease.
– Prevents muscle cramps.
– Has a moisturizing effect on the skin.
– Helps eliminate bacteria in the stomach that can lead to ulcers.

Start your morning right by adding some banana slices to your cereal. Take a break and make yourself a banana smoothie (see “Peanuts” article for banana-peanut butter smoothie recipe) or if you feel like baking, make some home-made banana bread or muffins. Or enjoy it just as is: au naturel!

So move over apples – you’ve got competition! A banana a day can also help keep that doctor away!

Easy Baked Banana Split
Slice an unpeeled whole banana in half lengthwise. Place on a piece of foil. On EACH HALF, add approx. 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips (or chocolate pieces from a chocolate bar), and half a tablespoon of crushed pineapple. Bake at 350 degrees for approx. 7 to 10 minutes or until skin turns all black and chocolate has melted. Enjoy it warm. You can also add crushed walnuts or peanuts. Makes a delicious dessert or snack!