Air Time – A Charlotte McNally novel by Hank Phillippi Ryan

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Ryan in person at the spring Malice Domestic Convention. She is beautiful and vivacious and her “investigative reporter” background shines through when you talk to her.

As a reporter for Boston’s NBC affiliate, she has won thirty-three Emmys and thirteen Edward R. Murrow Awards for groundbreaking journalism. Her book Air Time simply proves that not only is she a stellar reporter, but can also write a terrific mystery/crime caper featuring her fictional TV reporter, Charlotte McNally.

Air Time delves into underground world of fake designer fashion – in this case, handbags. Until I read this book, I never really thought about all the corruption and scheming that goes into knock off designer handbags. It can be deep, dark and treacherous and in Air Time, Charlotte (Charlie) and her side-kick, Franklin, go deep undercover to expose layer upon layer of the dangerous business of high-fashion forgeries.

Their lives are put on the line as she and Franklin decide to infiltrate the ring of deadly conspirators who will do anything to protect their illegal money-making business. When millions of dollars are at stake, they will literally stop at nothing. She and Franklin wind up working with the good guys of law enforcement to set up a sting. Sounds encouraging – right? But wait – she just isn’t sure that those “good guys” are really all good guys! With so much money at stake (not to mention her own life), who’s a gal gonna trust?? Decisions decisions! Topping it off, her long and off the wall hours are enough to drive a wedge between her and her current love interest – and now Charlie’s wondering how her dangerous job will affect their future – if they even have one!

It’s a great ride with Charlie and her escapades into the knockoff handbag underworld. In real life as a journalist she’s been wired with hidden cameras, has chased down criminals, been threatened and harassed. Her personal experience breathes life into her books, and if you’ve never read any of them, give yourself some “read time” with Air Time!