Ice Ice Coffee

When it comes to those hot summer months, there’s nothing like an iced coffee.  I admit, I never liked iced coffee.  But I had a problem.  I loved my morning coffee.  However, when the incredibly sticky and humid months of July and August came around on the East coast, I found I just couldn’t drink a hot morning cup of coffee when it was already a steamy 90 degrees at 7 a.m.!

Out of desperation of needing a serious morning caffeine fix, I took to trying the local cold brew coffees and iced lattes.  Nowadays there are a lot to choose from.  I suddenly found myself “hooked” on the icy buzz as soon as the first wave of intense summer heat rolled in.

I also realized it’s just as easy to make yourself some superb chilled coffee at home.   I do a lot of traveling and many times I’d leave so early in the morning, the coffee shops weren’t even open.  Hence, the night before my trip, I’d make an iced latte and pop it in a thermos….all ready to go for my trip in the morning (or you can buy it the night before at your local café and refrigerate it for the next morning).

Here’s some tips for experimenting at home for an iced coffee or iced latte the way “you” like it.   Brew a strong pot of coffee.  The brew should be strong since the ice will water it down. Then fill a glass or thermos with approx. 2/3 ice.  Pour your brewed coffee over the ice and add your usual milk, cream or sugar unless you drink it black.  Stir and done!

Hooked on lattes?  Then pour half coffee and half milk over the ice.  Play around with it to get it to the way you want it…i.e., maybe you want more milk than coffee or more coffee than milk.

If you want to kick it up a notch like they serve in local cafes, drizzle your coffee with some chocolate or caramel syrup.  Feeling a little 90’s retro?  Then stir in some “vanilla” syrup over that iced iced baby!

For the finale, toss in a pinch of nutmeg and/or cinnamon and hit it with a shot of whipped cream.  Keep cool, groovy and buzzed this summer with your own iced brew.