Bleeding Hearts – a unique, beautiful shade loving plant

There’s something about the gracefulness of the fragile flowers of the bleeding heart plant.  The colorful flowers will brighten up your shady woodland garden or other partially shaded areas in your yard.

This perennial comes in pink, red, white and yellow.  The pink and red bleeding hearts are a symbol of romance, while the white ones are considered to be a symbol of purity and innocence.

Japanese folklore ties them to a spurned prince who killed himself when his fair maiden rejected his gifts.  The droplet on the heart represents his blood and the petals represent his gifts.  The British culture holds this plant to a passionate meaning, while some religious groups plant it as a reminder of those less fortunate who are suffering.

Don’t plant the bleeding heart in full sun – it loves its shade.  It will bloom in early spring and in cooler areas, may re-bloom again throughout summer.  The deer resistance is a plus.  Find some rich, fertile soil and keep it consistently moist until well established.  When the flowers are done, the plant stays as an attractive bushy mound.   Height is approximately one and a half to four feet and spreads approx. one to two feet.  If you have a shady spot you want to fill, this unique plant may be just what you are looking for!  (zones 3-8)