Murder on the Bucket List – An Elizabeth Perona Mystery


This cozy mystery grabbed me by surprise!   I immediately related to the small group of five “close knit” women who bonded over the years through their bridge club, growing older and wiser together.  Charlotte, Alice, Francine, Mary Ruth and Joy are a feisty cast of characters.

When they hit age 60 they decided to share their “bucket lists” – and so the fun begins!  They secretly gathered late one night at Alice’s pool to check skinny-dipping (item #10) off of Joy’s list.  As you can imagine, things were a little bit awkward  – like who’s going to disrobe first and kickoff their private pool party.  And as awkward as that may have been, it wasn’t nearly as unsettling as discovering a “stiff” in the nearby pool shed.  Talk about those senior moments!

You’ll laugh your way through this madcap mystery since some of their group love the attention of the media that dubbed them as the “skinny dipping grandmas.” The rest of the group is horrified and wants to fly under the radar instead of being followed by newshounds, cameramen and just plain nosy people!  Then the prospect of doing a photo shoot for their pinup calendar freaked some of them out – and uh oh – something went really wrong with that too!

It’s one of those mysteries that is hard to put down.  It will keep you guessing and keep you smiling as you weave your way through the lives of these five lively, energetic 60+ women.

If you don’t already have a bucket list, this book will inspire you to write one!  Share your list with friends or keep it to yourself – but I’m sure you’ll smile every time you read it.  It will remind you that you got a lot of living to do!

If you love this mystery as much as I did, you’ll be thrilled to know it is now a “series,” with book #2:  Murder under the Covered Bridge now available.

Available at Amazon and other fine booksellers.