Memorial Day – let us remember and be thankful

Let us bow our heads in silence as we remember those military personnel who sacrificed so much for us and our great country.  Many of our heroes paid the ultimate price – they gave up their lives.  Others came home seriously wounded and we salute their courage to go forward.  For those who gave of themselves so selflessly, we honor you and will never forget. We can never repay our military men and women who gave of themselves to protect “us.”

And after I say my prayer in memory of all who have suffered and fallen in wartime and combat, I also make it a personal point to remember those good people in my own life who have given so much of themselves to make me a better person.

So please, remember and honor our great military personnel and also give a special blessing to friends or family members who have been your unsung heroes at some point in your life.  THIS IS MEMORIAL DAY – LET US REMEMBER ALL OF OUR HEROES.