What’s Your Comfort Clothes Style?

I do believe there is this thing I call CCSComfort Clothes Style.   If you’re hanging around the house or just running back and forth doing basic errands like grocery shopping, sometimes it’s easy to just throw on whatever is laying around, ditch the make-up and call it a day.

While that may be easy, consider that when you look your best, you feel your best.  Looking your best can be obtained with minimal effort even on those casual, laid back days.  Here’s some basic CCS tips for those casual days of running basic errands and hanging around the house:

Leisure/sweat suits – invest in a few comfortable but trendy or classic suits in your favorite colors.  Under the jacket, add a contrasting long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt, or a comfortable solid color cotton top.  Leisure/sweat suits are great — they “give” to your body.  Be sure not to get them too lose or too tight.  If need be, go for leisurewear with the option to choose one size for the jacket and another size for the pants for the best fit.  Go for a jacket that has a zipper.  If your house gets chilly, or the weather is a little nippy, the jacket will suffice.  As the day heats up, lose the jacket and you still have a nice shirt and casual pants to run around in.

Really don’t want a jacket?  Then buy a few nice pairs of casual leisure pants and pick out your favorite comfortable t-shirts or solid color tops.

Keep any ratty or faded-out sweats for messy yard work or basement cleanup – or cut them up for cleaning rags.

T-shirts and plain cotton tops:  You can find plain solid color tops at any department store at bargain prices.  I love to wear T-shirts that have logos or images of my favorite places, or upbeat sayings such as the Life is Good© T-shirts. Let’s face it, when you put on something positive and happy it makes you feel happy.

If you love jewelry:  Being a jewelry freak, I add jewelry to everything:  Even a nice t-shirt and leisurewear get a fresher look with some simple or fun jewelry.  A long chain with a basic pendant or bunch of charms give your casual look a little boost.  Toss on a casual bangle or charm bracelet if you are into wrist candy.

Jeans Please:  Not a fan of leisurewear?  Instead, get a few good pairs of comfortable fitting jeans and match up with your favorite long sleeve t-shirts and add some fun jewelry.  Jeans also look great with soft and loose plaid flannel shirts.  And who doesn’t love the new stretch jeans that really make your waistline comfortable!

Don’t neglect the feet!  Save the unsightly, beat up sneakers for dirty jobs.  Invest in at least one pair of neutral colored comfortable sneakers.  Got a few extra bucks to spare?  Find a good sale and get some sneakers in different colors to pair with your new CCS.

Oh that face, that hair!  On those casual days, keep it simple!  Brush and fluff up the hair so it looks halfway decent, and add a minimal amount of makeup so you don’t look like a bad Walking Dead re-run.  A soft blur of eyeliner, a quick swipe of mascara, neutral tinted lip balm and you are good to go!

Bottom line:  I believe in three things when it comes to CCS:


1) Women who just toss themselves together without a bit of thought, tend to look older than their biological age.

2) Ill-fitting or worn out clothing can make you look “dumpy.”

3) When you look good, you feel good – and when you feel good you can take on the world!

So ladies, get your CCS style on – and this is a great time of year to start scooping up all kinds of clothing at bargain prices – and don’t forget the shoes!  Gotta love those “clearance sales!”

Note:   I am not getting paid by “Life Is Good” – I mentioned this company because I’ve worn their shirts for many years and love what they stand for.