Don’t Go Home by Carolyn Hart

I love so many things about this New York Times Bestselling author – but the main thing I love about Carolyn Hart is that you can always count on a great mystery!  I’ve read so many of her books and never once have been disappointed.  She builds her characters with such finesse and detail that you truly know them inside and out.  She knows how to put “you” into her settings and the lives of her characters.

If you’ve never read any of her Death on Demand mystery series, don’t delay.  Annie Darling is the owner of the Death on Demand bookstore.  This small town bookstore is so engaging and cozy, I wish I could transport myself there for a cup of coffee while leisurely browsing through all the classic tales of mayhem and murder.  I love the fact that throughout her own books, Ms. Hart mentions other mysteries by other authors (old and new), as they arrive or are housed at the Death on Demand bookstore.  When she reaches for a coffee mug at the bookshop, she takes a moment to debate which mug to start her day with.  Each of her mugs features the title of a famous mystery in red script.   It’s these little detailed touches that add amazing clarity to all her books.

In Don’t Go Home, successful author, Alex Griffith is about to spill the beans on his bestselling novel about treachery, lying and deceit.  It seems his bestseller was based on his real life friends and family with more secrets to hide than Bud Collyer on To Tell The Truth.  He changed their identities and altered the characters in his bestseller, but now he was back home in Broward Rock to let all the cats out the bag—and it was a very large bag!

You can imagine his friends and family were a bit freaked out knowing Alex was about to expose them and all their devious deeds in his next book.  So check it out, and see which cat was a cool, cruel murderer.