24/7 Thankful

During the Thanksgiving season we are all thankful for our friends and family … those closest to our hearts.

But what about all the “other” people in our lives that make a difference – differences that can make our life easier, save us money or sometimes even save our health.

It’s easy to forget those who are not regularly in our wheelhouse.  I try to pay attention to everyone who has popped into my life and make a conscious effort to appreciate the good things they have done — no matter how large or small.  For example: Every Christmas instead of sending just a “tip” to my newspaper carrier, I also enclose a card thanking him for doing a terrific job.  Here’s a guy that probably doesn’t make more than minimum wage, yet he delivers my paper at 4:30 every morning in every type of weather.  I am thankful I don’t have to shimmy up a tree or get my leopard slippers drenched in a mud puddle while trying to retrieve my hit of morning news.  I doubt that guy ever gets thanked – after all, you don’t even see him – who in their right mind gets up at 4:30? (I’m not in my right mind.)

Let’s talk about service people.  Have you had your heating or A/C fixed?  Had a plumber fix a leak?  Did the guy that showed up do a great job?  Did he give you good advice on how to keep your home running more efficiently to save you money — was courteous and honest?   Then he deserves a phone call to his supervisor informing them how pleased you were with his service.  Perhaps the guy was on the fence for a raise or promotion – your good words could have influenced his employer’s decision.

How about health care providers?  We give them our co-pays, get our ailments treated and boogie on down the road.  Sure it’s their job to see us and put us back together again.  But ever wonder how many of those doctors and nurses that go out of their way (some even after hours) to take care of us, ever get thanked by their patients?   Through the years I’ve had bad doctors and great doctors – doctors who really care.  For these incredible people who help keep my health on track, I like to send them a card with a very personal note.  Sometimes I’ll attach a box of chocolate or bring them a bouquet of flowers.   How many times do they go home after a really tough day, exhausted and overworked, wondering if their patients appreciate their extra efforts for taking care of their serious health issues?   Something to ponder.

How about your pharmacists?  Do they take the time to answer a million pesky questions you may have on your medication?  I’ve probably driven my own pharmacist to the point of insanity asking her advice and expressing my concerns over certain meds.  Yet every time, she gives me her brightest smile, answers every question with great detail and assurance, and tells me to call her if I have any other questions (and she sincerely means it).   Wouldn’t it be worth a call to the manager to tell them what a great job your pharmacist is doing?

Surveys Surveys Surveys:  Everyone wants you to take a survey about the experience you had with their product or service.  Generally speaking, not a fan of surveys.  But if someone has really gone that extra mile, I feel I owe it to them to fill out the usually long and laborious survey form so they can rack up some brownie points with their company.  Be sure to get the employee’s name who was helpful so you can add it to the survey.

So here’s the bottom line:  A lot of folks we come in contact with throughout our lifetime, 24/7, are overlooked, taken for granted and rarely thanked.  Think about your doctors, dentists, home service people, managers and employees of grocery stores, etc. and make a conscious effort to give them that extra special thank you they deserve and many times rarely hear.   It’s soooo easy.  A handshake,  hug, special card,  box of chocolate, bouquet of flowers, filling out a survey or a praising call to their supervisor – that’s all it takes to brighten their day and yours.

Happy Thanksgiving – let us all ponder our blessings from God, both great and small.