Coffee With God

 COFFEE WITH GOD – posted Sept. 5, 2016

I always feel closer to God in the morning at the very beginning of a brand new day.  I found a somewhat secluded spot in my backyard and laid down some large flat stepping stones to create a natural patio.  I added a red metal bench with a hummingbird design and that became my special place to have coffee with God.

When I get up, I go outside with my first cup of bold brew, and sit there on the bench watching the sky go from dark to light. The best part is, I can meander out there in my PJs and robe — God doesn’t care what I’m wearing!  In the wintertime when it’s downright cold, I’ll throw a parka over my flannel PJs, slip on a pair of rubber boots, grab my coffee and plop down on my garden bench.  It is there I find comfort and strength and thank the Big Guy Upstairs for this day ahead.  No one knows what each day will bring.  That is why it is so important that we all remember to appreciate and enjoy each and every day.

I am so thankful for family and long-time friends, for a decent home, good health and the nature surrounding me.  I am thankful to breathe in the new day and take on whatever comes my way – good or bad.  I pray for those who have severe health issues, are alone or need a helping hand.

I find having coffee with God is the best way to start my day.  No matter what your faith, it’s important to be thankful and take some time to reflect on all the good things that you have.  Try finding a perfect spot in your backyard or even in your home and make it a special place to reflect and be thankful on a regular basis in the morning or wrapping up your day in the evening.  It will help you stay focused and be a reminder of all the blessings and good things that have come your way.

Life isn’t always easy.  I’m convinced life’s ups and downs are meant to make us stronger and tougher.   God doesn’t give us more than we can handle and asks that we give our burdens to him.  So please find that special spot and spend some quality time to sit a spell and have coffee with God – it’s the best coffeehouse in town