Clam Wake (a bed and breakfast mystery) by Mary Daheim

For all you “cozy” mystery lovers out there, here’s another light-hearted, fun loving mystery by Mary Daheim.

While housesitting at their aunt and uncle’s retirement home, feisty cousins Judith and Renie tackle a cold-blooded killer in a sleepy, off season beach community where a beloved local gets bumped off for no apparent reason.

Since the cousins found the body on the beach, they get dragged into the drama.  Thus begins their rude awakening – what appears to be a sleepy little retirement community is boiling over with shams, scams and old secrets.  And hey, there’s so many “cocktail hours” in this quaint little town, that it made me want to grab a cocktail shaker, shake my booty and mix an old-fashioned Harvey Wallbanger!  Also, if you’re a fan of clam chowder, you might find yourself simmering a batch of chowder to go with that Harvey Wallbanger!  Keep the tiki drink umbrellas and oyster crackers handy!

The back and forth bantering of the two cousins is a breath of fresh air and quite entertaining – they obviously adore each other, but their personal jabs are real zingers and will give you that LOL feeling.  That, coupled with a solid “whodunit” plot, makes for a good read at the beach.


½ Oz. Vodka, ½ Oz. Galliano, 4 Oz. of Orange Juice – fill a Collins glass or shaker with ice, add the vodka and OJ, top with Galliano.  Garnish with fruit…quick and EASY!