Beach Bags and Burglaries


Beach Bags and Burglaries – A Haley Randolph Mystery by Dorothy Howell – Aug. 24, 2016

This positively delightful mystery took me by surprise.   It features overzealous, outspoken, life-loving 24 yr. old Haley Randolph, whose obsessive love of designer handbags and frozen gourmet coffee drinks, leads her into deep trouble.  This, of course, in the minds of mystery lovers spells “m-u-r-d-e-r.”

The fast-paced, extremely witty and intricately woven plot will have you chuckling as you breeze through this summertime vacation mystery, as seen through the eyes of a young woman.  This book is so fun and entertaining,  I can even forgive the Haley Randolph character referring to people over 50 as being “old!”   But hey, when I was 24, I felt the same way!

Haley finds herself the winner of a free vacation at a plush island resort with her 3 BFF’s in tow.  Her over-the-top relentless desire to own a new designer Sea Vixen beach bag, along with an unexpected resort wedding, art thievery, plus a dead maid she discovers on a remote part of the island, gives it a unique theme.  This well-woven mystery is loaded down with her spin on “hunky men,” “evil stink-eyes,” and a lot of “oh craps” throughout.  I love the humor, the solid plot and of course, a great ending!   What better way to wrap up your summer than with this beach vacation-minded mystery that will have you giggling and rolling your eyes!

This series by Ms. Howell, clearly solidifies Haley’s passion for designer handbags. The titles in this series are as cute as she is, i.e, Evening Bags and Executions, Clutches and Curses, Purses and Poisons, Handbags and Homicide, etc. WHAT FUN – as someone who has probably more handbags (and shoes) than most, I can certainly relate to Haley’s obsession!   Check them out and laugh your way through the end of summer!

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