Hats Off to Our Feathered Friends

Here’s an idea for not only recycling, but helping our feathered friends.

After our mother passed on, we were left with a lot of her clothing and other personal items.  Among those items were two hats – one was an old round fur cap with a liner (probably from back in the 40’s), and a fairly new bucket style sunhat she wore while outside gardening (photo).

I took the round fur cap, turned it inside out, and punched 4 holes in it (evenly apart approximately one inch from the edge).  Then I fastened some twine (can use string). I mounted the hat inside out (fur side “in”) placed it in the densest part of a very thick, bushy tree where I knew birds tended to nest and secured it by tying the twine to adjoining branches to keep it from blowing away in bad weather.  The birds couldn’t wait to take over their new posh home.

This is a great way to not only recycle, but also to help our feathered friends.